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The purer the ingredient, the better your skin looks and feels. That’s our mission, and our passion, at Celesty.



Our formulas are created in the US by some of the best chemists in the beauty business. But all of our products are produced in Turkey, with EU (European Union) strict guidelines. The EU has over 1300 banned cosmetic ingredients–the US FDA, only 30.  


Every formula is to unique to Celesty, created with years of study in collaboration with the US and Turkey. That means peace of mind–and pure transparency–for you.  


Our preference is always to avoid any controversial ingredient and use ingredients from renewable sources. You will always find the INCI (a complete ingredient listing) of each product listed on the package and on our website.  



Our skincare is a beautiful balance between nature and science. We believe nature is a powerful source and the natural plant’s power in skin and body care is a cornerstone of our company. We use cold-press extraction to obtain precious plant extracts, ensuring each plant oil is obtained at its most potent form.


We also use science to ensure our ingredients are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. We occasionally choose not to exploit raw, untested materials and use scientific solutions as a safe, efficacious alternative. This unique combination of nature and science means you receive pure, sensory, effective solutions.


All of our products are Dermatologist tested to ensure they are safe for all skin types. We check that the pH in our formulas is biocompatible (suitable for the natural pH of the skin). We test on heavy metals, conservation, and specific studies of the antioxidant efficacy of products. 


Our product development is a meticulously developed craft, created over years of innovative research by Dermatologists, chemical engineers, and herbalists studying the sourcing of organic ingredients–all to create only the highest quality skincare. The result is a high concentration of active ingredients to deliver happier, healthier skin.




Our formulas are developed in the United States, and our products are produced in the Black Sea Region in Northwest Turkey–an area widely known for its natural resources and botanical riches. Our goal is to always deliver the kindest, purest, most efficacious products for your skin. 

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